On the culture trail

Discover the cultural landscape of the Montafon alpine and may seed culture! A unique themed trail will get you marvelling, participating and learning. At a total of 13 locations, visitors will come across ingen-ious objects created by the Montafon artist Roland Haas. And each is dedicated to a different area of the cultural landscape.

Artistic intervention

Künstler der Gauertalter AlpkulTour: Roland HaasGauertaler AlpkulTourGauertalter AlpkulTour

“From the outset, I was fascinated by the idea of accompanying a themed hike - what’s more in my home region - not with explanatory display boards, but with sculptures.

My artistic concept is now to use the objects to draw the attention of visitors to certain aspects of the Gauertaler AlpkulTour, to simulate debate and perhaps to irritate a little as well. This can give rise to new ways of interpretation and discussion of the contents conveyed here as well as to artistic presentations in the landscape. Apart from a few exceptions, local spruce wood is the primary component of the sculptures. This, and the predominant use of round timber, creates continuity with reference to the dominant construction material in the Alpine cultural landscape. In addition, the unusual form given to the wood in the context of the Gauertaler AlpkulTour challenges associative understanding.

Specifically, sculptures now stand at 11 of 13 selected locations. Each sculpture is allocated a key topic with reference to the Montafon’s alpine and may seed culture. The brief explanations I have provided at the individual locations are intended to create a better under-standing, but should in no way limit the scope for interpretation.

Roland Haas

More: www.kfm.at/alpkultour