Alpine-Coaster - The spectacular adventure ride in the Montafon

Whether in summer or winter - the Alpine-Coaster-Golm is the ultimate highlight in the Montafon, and operates in almost all weather conditions. From Latschau, the two-seater sleds whiz down over 2,600 metres to Vandans: Pure tobogganing fun!

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The slightly different summer toboggan run

alpine coaster summer golm montafon

Enjoy the surrounding mountains at up to 40 km/h! 44 exciting jumps, a spectacular 360° loop, 15 wild 180° turns - and the whole thing at up to 6 metres above the ground and on a gradient of up to 40°. The ride lasts about 8 minutes and is an experience of the especially fast kind.

 The little “race riders” can ride from 3 years of age, from 8 years of age and a height of 140 cm they can ride alone, and from 14 years of age they can take someone with them.

Safe tobogganing fun

For all the fun of the ride and the spectacular route, your safety is our top priority. The sleds are equipped with centrifugal brakes to keep them on the rails, optimised seat shells and two safety belts. The sleds brake automatically if the speed exceeds 40 km/h. What’s more,

state-of-the art eddy current brakes are used in the valley station.